The Linc brings some of the most underappreciated bands of today into the spotlight, this week, none other than ‘D.I.D’.

There is nothing worse than that empty feeling that comes with the realisation that you have run out of new music to listen to. Fear no longer, this fortnightly section will provide a band or artist for you to jam to for the coming weeks.


Photo: Atlantic Records

‘D.I.D’, formerly known as ‘Dog Is Dead’ are a band of five with a beautiful indie harmonic sound, and it has to be said, were about to lift off just a few years ago. Songs like ‘Teenage Daughter’ and ‘Do the Right Thing’ were close to going big, the unique sound of ‘Dog Is Dead’ was on its way to making it. Then they took a break.


The reality is, most of their fans nowadays will know them because of the songs produced under their old name, rather the ones of the present, a four-year-long hiatus does a lot to a band, people forgot who they were.

However, in 2016, ‘D.I.D’ came back, with a slightly new name, and a new album, full of the great tracks with the same fantastic sound they were producing 4 years prior, but it’s gone under the radar it seems. If you’ve already heard of ‘Dog Is Dead’ but are clinging onto the greatness of their old songs, it’s highly advisable to go and try their new album ‘The State we’re in’. The title track is fantastic as well as ‘Flush’ and ‘Funnybones’, they replicate some incredibly strong feelings throughout, adding an emotive touch to their great sound. The extra member pair of hands over a generic four piece band probably helps in this case, a chorus of voices is often more emotive than just the one in many scenarios.

If you haven’t already heard of ‘D.I.D’, your luck is well and truly in. All of their albums are sublime, and all of them are worth listening to over and over. ‘Dog Is Dead’ are a staple of the word ‘underappreciated’; they frankly deserve to be bigger than they are.

Hence, why they are first in line for ‘In the spotlight’, go, enjoy the beauty of ‘D.I.D’ and be back in two weeks’ time for more.