University of Lincoln Netball society.

President: Eleanor Steedman
Plays in: University of Lincoln Women’s 1sts
League: Midlands 3B Division
BUCS position: 3rd
Key strength: Teamwork
Match Prediction: “It’ll be a nail biter.”
Varsity prediction: Very close
Best part of Varsity: Representing your university and beating Hull

Steedman believes that hard work and dedication will see them through what will be a ‘nail biting’ day for the Netball teams. The president has put her team through some intense training and says that Varsity will make it worth it.

She said: “We have been doing fitness sessions every Friday morning. Getting up at 7am every Friday I ask myself, why did I organise to do this? But we’ve seen such a change in the girls.”

Steedman plays in the women’s 1sts who currently sit third in the Midlands 3B division. She’s very excited to continue her good memories of Varsity having played last year as well.

University of Lincoln Netball society.
University of Lincoln Netball society.

She said: “Last year was so good for me as I’d been out all season and to get back on and play was amazing. We had such good support from everyone too.

“I’m really excited. Who isn’t really excited about representing their university and beating Hull? This is our year and the preparation has been done for it.”

When asked what her team’s biggest strength was she highlighted the defence saying that they allow the team to win rebounds and play to their shooters. However, she stressed that the squad had strength all round and no key player as such but a great team.

Despite admitting that they get on off the court the president said that it’s a whole other story on the court.

She said: “ We know Hull are fierce and competitive and we know we haven’t beaten them in two years but I think this year is our year.

“I think we’re nice but when we get on the court that all goes out the window. We are there to beat them and to win and we will do whatever it takes to do that.”

Finally, Steedman wanted to highlight the new first year players and how they have slotted into the squad.

She said: “We’ve had some new freshers this year who are absolutely smashing it. They’ve come along and fit right in. With this, the teams have gotten stronger as the girls have been playing together for a while now. Therefore, we now have three solid teams.”