Interviews come up time and time again at university. Whether it’s for work experience, part-time jobs or an internship – they’re everywhere. And with interviews comes the dreaded question of what you’re going to wear. So here’s our guide on how to dress to impress, without looking like you’re reusing your old school uniform.

Outfit one:

Photo: Olivia Peace

This outfit is a spin on a traditional smart look. By wearing high-waisted, cut off trousers rather than basic straight leg, black office trousers – you’ll already stand out from other candidates. This style would work great with a simple black top tucked into the trousers, however because it’s still cold out, wearing a brightly coloured jumper over the top will keep you stylish and warm.



Outfit two:

Photo: Olivia Peace

If you want to step away from the usual trousers and shirt combination that most people wear to interviews, maybe try a skirt and a smart top? This outfit is, again, more suited to winter because it’s a jumper and chunky boots – but it would work just as well with a smart blouse and a pair of brogues.




Outfit three:

Photo: Olivia Peace

For those of you who feel more comfortable wearing only black or white to interviews for fear of looking too casual, this third outfit will help you maintain that look while still being stylish. Wearing a loose-fitting shirt with some tight cropped trousers gives a nice balance to the outfit, and the peep-toe shoes make it look slightly less uniform and more unique and fashionable.



Whatever people say, first impressions do count – especially when it comes to an interview. Although you don’t have to be the most stylish person in the world to land the job, if you’re wearing an outfit that you feel good in you’re far more likely to feel confident – and confidence goes a long way when it comes to interviews.