The Linc brings some of the most underappreciated bands of today into the spotlight, for this week, its American band ‘CRUISR’.

This will be the last ‘In The Spotlight’ before Valentine’s day 2017, so if you’re planning last ditch displays of affection, I’ve looked high and low to find you the perfect backing track for your dance in the rain.

It’s definitely not hard to draw comparisons between CRUISR and the much more well-known ‘1975’, they both bring that smooth ‘boy-bandish’ tone to the indie genre but provide that subtle American twang, but not in the annoying cliché Green Day-copycat way.

To be frank, CRUISR have a very good chance of making it in a big way, their music is capable of being adored by the world, look at the 1975 for evidence of that. Their first ever, and arguably largest song is a demonstration of that, ‘All Over’ is a real toe-tapper, primed to get people up and moving at indie disco’s across the globe, the music video is a treat too,  an homage to some of the best films of all time, I advise checking it out.

For that out of the blue romantic moment, though, there’s one CRUISR song that tops them all, ‘Take That’. It begins with a slower tempo and more relaxed tone but as it picks up towards the chorus it transforms into something straight out of the latest Rom Com’s finale.

There are plenty more noteworthy songs from CRUISR’s quite small collection, including ‘Kidnap Me’ or ‘Go For It’ (though I prefer the remixed version). However, the group are without an album to call their own yet. A few more additions need to be made to their repertoire  and they’ll be ready to potentially go global, perhaps we could see something by the end of 2017, who knows?

Regardless, CRUISR are definitely worth a listen right now, show them off, get them out there, and be back in two weeks’ time for another ‘In The Spotlight’.