The Linc brings some of the most underappreciated artists of today into the spotlight, for this week, our first solo artist, ‘Rex Orange County’.

This man is on his way to the very top, being touted by Tyler the Creator as something special, he’s clearly making ways in the industry. Perhaps it’s his distinct style, bringing a loose, casual style to the indie game, this kid got something new and it feels good.

Photo: DIY Magazine

NME’s description of ‘Rex Orange County’ or ROC as a ‘multi-talented prodigy’ could not suit him better; he knows exactly how he can use his musical skills on both the piano and guitar to generate the relaxed vibe that accompanies his songs. Yet, every song feels different.

Personally, I found ROC through his song ‘A song about being sad’, a blunt and simple title for his face-up relatable outlook on the fallout of a failed relationship. The song comes off as powerful and genuine, this is a song you’ll never hear at a disco, not even a very, very indie house party, this is a song for your room, and your room only, it’s intimate, and it suits it perfectly.

ROC never loses his uncut outlook throughout all his songs, he says it how it is, and this is arguably the best aspect of his music. Everything comes so casually to him it seems, maybe emphasised by the tone of his voice, there’s no need for emphasis on his line in the song ‘Uno’, ‘every now and then I think about the fact that I would have become a legend if I died at 27’, because that’s the way he sees it, and that’s the way it is. Then, that’s it, the music stops, and the song ends, ROC said everything that needed to be said, and that’s him done.

This vibe continues, in little ways through every song, even more vocally challenging ones like ‘Best Friend’, if not in his voice, in his lyrics. This is what makes ROC.

He’s different, there’s no doubting that, not everyone will like him, however, bit by bit, it’s likely he’ll take over the world.