The Linc brings some of the most underappreciated artists of today into the spotlight, for this week, an act scheduled in to appear at Leeds Festival this year, ‘The Amazons’.

Straight from the off, you notice the sheer volume of ‘The Amazons’, they utilise sound in a way similar to Royal Blood or VANT to make an impact.

Looking at their most recent single ‘Black Magic’, you get a sense of this noise they’re generating; the band chooses to dip in and out of high volume adrenaline rushing melody.

Photo: Gig Slutz

Despite having a loud and proud tone, ‘The Amazons’ still portray the inherent qualities of an indie band, ‘Black Magic’ still has a distinct catchiness to it in amongst its heavy nature. They perfectly slide into the indie rock genre, plenty of emphasis on guitar and a strong vocal lead; they’ve got a good combination going.

There’s a consensus in the few that have discovered these boys that they’re going places, maybe it’ll be off the back of a big week at Leeds and Reading, let’s hope so.

Personally, the top track ‘The Amazons’ have on their portfolio though is one of their earliest in ‘Junk food forever’, it’s relaxed and chill, and although it still hits the loud peaks of their later songs, it does it all in moderation.

There is no doubt in my mind that this small band is on their way to something and definitely have the skills to make it to the top. However, those skills may need bringing in ever so slightly to form the kind of act that can really take it up a notch and go big.

Their perfect product so far is definitely found in songs where they don’t over-do the volume, it doesn’t match the vibe they’re trying to achieve lyrically in some cases, but there’s definitely a good balance in songs like ‘Junk food forever’ and ‘Nightdriving’.