Independent candidate Phil Gray talks to The Linc about tuition fees, his own education and how our politicians fail to represent us. 

If you could have dinner with three celebrities, alive or dead, who and why? 

Nelson Mandela – a wise man and peace maker. Mohammed Ali – a huge inspiration, with a great sense of humour, and finally, Mahatma Ghandi – a spiritual leader, campaigner, and a great soul.

What are the biggest issues for Lincoln going into this election? 

Lincoln appears to be booming: but from my perspective we are suffering the same issues one finds nationwide. NHS and local services under extreme stress; zero hour contracts, poor job prospects, rising prices and personal debt, leading to family breakdown and more homelessness.

Phil Gray is standing as an independent candidate for Lincoln in the General Election. Photo: secretlondon123/Flickr.

How will you represent students as an MP? 

I was in further education for eight years, both here and in the US. All of tuition fees and most of my maintenance grant was paid for by the government. I believe for British citizens, tuition should be free. For people whom further education is the right path, whose family circumstance means they cannot afford it, interest-free maintenance loans should be provided.

Why did you decide to stand as an Independent candidate in this election?

I believe we are being failed by politicians, and not being represented properly because of party ties.