A petition entitled ‘Give Archery their home’ has been launched on the Students’ Union’s website, after the University of Lincoln’s Archery Society were told that they could no longer use the facilities at Riseholme College.

The petition is available for students to sign until October 27.

The petition, published this evening, reads: “We, the students of the University of Lincoln, are very disappointed at the actions taken to prevent one of our fellow societies from actively participating in their activity.

“The Archery Society have had Riseholme College as their home for close to two years and actions taken by individuals in the university have meant that they are no longer in a position to carry out their activities,” it says.

The society received an email informing them that they could no longer store or use equipment on the site on October 4.

The decision came just weeks after the group received around 200 signups during Freshers’ Week, with the club saying the lack of a venue has had ‘a detrimental effect’ on them, losing ‘a huge majority of the interest generated’ during Freshers’ as a result.

As published in our previous story earlier today, a University of Lincoln spokesperson said: “We’re always keen to support the Students’ Union’s clubs and societies where we can. We were happy to offer use of the space at Riseholme last year.”

“We have to take into account all requests for the use of space which come through, with priority given for teaching and learning and research, and the whole building is being used for these purposes over this academic year.

“As a consequence it is unfortunately unavailable for the society to use,” they said.

The university is now working with the Students’ Union to help find an alternative space – either on-campus or externally – for the society to continue their practices.

The petition is available online via. the Students’ Union’s website, and is available to sign until October 27.