Going into this film I was extremely wary. It is no small understatement to say that, in the Marvel cinematic universe, the Thor films are undoubtedly the weakest link. So, I was sceptical going in to say the least.

The Thor franchise is definitely fun, don’t get me wrong. They’re comedic, with some stunning cinematography, and Chris Hemsworth is, of course, a plus all by himself.

However, the films can fall short because they have a habit of taking themselves too seriously. It’s a superhero film, drawing on Norse mythology and comic books. Have some fun!

Thor returns for another thrilling instalment. Photo: Miyem Supriyati / Flickr

But, in the opening minutes of Thor Ragnarok it was obvious that this was going to be the exception to the rule.

This film is almost a 101 guide on how to make the perfect superhero comedy.

Pretty much every single joke in the film landed – the entire audience was chuckling or full-on guffawing throughout.

The cinematography and direction are a credit to Taika Watiti (of What we do in the Shadows fame), most especially the scenes that take place on the wasteland planet.

Even the plot, whilst as silly as it’s predecessors, was engaging. Sure, it was the weakest part of the film, but I’m certain no one will mind as Thor Ragnarok is most definitely a character piece.

In the two previous Thor films, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has very much been the scene stealer – most likely because his character is allowed the most freedom. But this instalment is very much Chris Hemsworth’s film.

Every character that has a decent amount of screen time (even the villains!) are well characterised and the director’s cameo character is delightfully hilarious.

As a huge fan of the superhero genre, in particular the Marvel films, I have no qualms in calling Thor Ragnarok a complete and utter success. It’s never going to win an Oscar but if you want a fun film with a stellar cast and a breakout director, Thor Ragnarok is the film for you!