It’s that time again, another weekly playlist has arrived! This week features an array of unique artists, hopefully meaning one will suit you.

This week’s playlist is headlined by Tom Misch, who recently released ‘Movie’ first teaser trailer (pardon the pun), for his brand new album, set to be released next year. It’s everything we’ve come to expect of Tom, acoustically astounding, accompanied by well-crafted lyrics. It’s an unignorably brilliant sign that Tom’s newest work will continue to be top quality.

Tom Misch’s new single ‘Movie’ features in this week’s playlist. Photo: villunderlondon/flickr

‘You Overdid It Doll’ won’t be unfamiliar to everyone, but it’s been a while since this indie rock anthem has garnered the praise it deserves. The Courteeners are widely regarded as some of the best when it comes to the genre and you can see why in this 2010 track.

Loud and proud rap is hardly an untapped entity, but it’s those artists that continue to find new ways to work within it’s realms that are highly regarded. XXXTENACION’s ‘Look at Me’ and Big K.R.I.T’s ‘Subenstein (My Sub IV)’ both provide new ways to experience rap, and both are definitely worth a listen.

Post Malone is truly at the forefront of modern music so needs no introduction, from being little more than a meme, to a fully-fledged chart topper, he’s overcome the odds. ‘I Fall Apart’ is one of his numerous tracks of unreal quality, all of which I’d recommend. In fact, just listen to his album, if you haven’t already.

‘Planes, Trains & Cars’ by We The Kings is one of their finest tracks off their recently released album, and deserves great praise, as the emo pop band fill out a genre rarely stabbed at.

Both ‘Myrna Lee’ by Wilco and ‘Angel’ by Tokio Myers provide a calm and relaxing tone to the playlist. Particularly Tokio Myer’s piece, which is beautifully crafted, the piano holding the majority of the song, whilst his powerful lyrics echo without, this song is powerful and driven by emotion. Do not make the mistake of listening to this song for a few seconds and dismissing it as boring and classical. It needs a full listen, and you will find yourself surprised and probably speechless.

Finally comes a personal favourite of mine.

I could bang on about Loyle Carner for days, months, probably years, but I’ll keep it short. He provides an emotional and homely twist to a grime genre often caught up with themes of drugs and violence, he calls it confessional hip hop. He’s finished his album tour this week, following a helter-skelter of attention following his mercury nomination, so I advise you listen to his album if I’m honest.

‘Mrs C’ is a perfect sample of everything his album has to offer, a song written for his friend whose mother was suffering with cancer, it perfectly summarises Loyle Carner’s use of emotion to channel musical talent.

Hopefully you’ll find something great this week, in our Linc Weekly playlist, found here.