It’s been amazing past 12 months for the Amazons as they’ve witnessed themselves build a real reputation within the indie rock community. Tonight, The Engine Shed is the next on their hit list. Joe Emmett, the band’s drummer, seems more than ready for their appearance tonight.

‘Lincoln is a university town, so I’m sure people know how to party.’

He isn’t wrong there. The Amazons are doing a DJ set tonight at Propaganda, and it’s set to be a huge event for the guys.  Whilst DJ’ing isn’t the bands natural habitat, they’re making every effort to produce a brilliant show tonight.

‘Chris (guitarist) and I have been slowly crafting a set that we think works in the same way we would with the whole band.’

It was a big year for The Amazons in 2017, and they hope to carry that through to 2018,

The boys have enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past year after the release of their debut self titled album back in May of 2017, drawing praise for their ‘back to the bones’take on rock. Their content is independent though, with relaxed songs like ‘Junk Food Forever’ sitting beside the loud and proud ‘Black Magic’ on the album, but neither looking out of place. The Amazons have managed to craft a unique image, that allows them to tinker with their style as much as they like.

Whilst The Engine Shed is a top class venue, it may not quite compare to where the boys have played in the past, with Joe sighting just a few of his highlights from 2017.

‘Reading Festival was up there. It was a home town show for us and the crowd were incredible. Playing Glastonbury for the first time was also a big highlight for us.’

However, despite their success over the past year including the aforementioned festival performances, it would appear the lads will stay away from playing their own songs on the DJ set at Propaganda tonight.

‘We’re not fans of playing our own tunes or blowing our own bugle if you will.’

The boys are more than excited to be in Lincoln though, and to sample ‘one of those home-made Lincolnshire sausages’ before there time here is out, and whilst this is their first time in Lincoln, they already expect to be back sooner rather than later.

‘We want to keep touring wherever will have us,’ the boys are currently on tour as part of the VO5 NME road trip, and I can safely say now, Lincoln will gladly have them back.