From their hiatus in 2009 til 2012, Fall Out Boy have re-branded their music and style. Gone are the emo pop-punk rockers we once knew, and a new band have emerged with a new style that has opened the doors for a larger fan base. With the release of their seventh studio album, MANIA, the former kings of pop-punk have out done themselves once again, in a fresh, modern light.

Experimenting with many different styles in their songs, Fall Out Boy are definitely having a rebirth in their music. Fan theories surrounding the EDM style ‘Young and Menace’, the first single of the album to be released, suggest that the song is a dedication to their former glory, but furthermore, is an admission that it it is time for them to try something new. Therefore, a new Fall Out Boy is born. Each song is different, diverse, and something special and unique in its own right. From the slightly slower ‘Church’ and ‘Heaven’s Gate’, to the more fast-paced, dance songs like ‘Young and Menace’ and ‘Champion’ – the band are developing a new style and it’s one to like.

Fall Out Boy’s latest album is a big change. Photo: Flickr/ Julio Ortuzar

There is very much a theme of memories and dreams in this album, which is certainly a message to fans that they are proud of their past music and they’re relishing in the memories of their prior success. However, the change of sound is something that the band need and a dream still in the making.

Even with this huge change, there is a taste of nostalgia in the song ‘Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)’ for anyone who misses their old sound. And of course, every song in MANIA has their usual creative, playful lyrics. Fall Out Boy have a way with words that hasn’t been in lost in their stylistic revolution.

MANIA is an album different from anything Fall Out Boy has produced before, and perfectly complements their already extensive list of work. I hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought me, and I can’t wait to see what else Fall Out Boy create throughout this transitional period.