The City of Lincoln Council is failing to meet targets on responding to housing complaints in time, according to new figures.

The figures show that the council is falling behind targets on complaints and customer contact. Photo: The Linc

In a meeting of the council’s housing scrutiny sub-committee, which looks at social housing provided by the council, figures released show that despite a target of 95% for the year, the council only dealt with around 88% of complaints within 10 working days during the last quarter.

The figures take into account complaints delivered by councillors and MP’s and whilst the council is responding to 100% of councillors enquiries within time, last quarter’s figure for MP complaints was 25% behind the yearly target.

Yvonne Fox, Assistant Director for Housing at the City of Lincoln Council, said: “Each team has been advised, and must, deal with complaints on time.”

The council has been behind its target every quarter so far for the 2017/18 year.

The figures also show that the council is falling behind target on customer contact with only around 70% of calls answered within 60 seconds.

The full figures can be seen on the City of Lincoln Council’s website.