Lincoln band ‘Lasmess’ performing on Friday afternoon. Photo: Anna Coleman.

A food festival is taking place at City Square in Lincoln this weekend as part of the annual ‘Oktoberfest’ celebration.

The event will be running from Friday to Monday and will include a variety of food stalls as well as live music from local bands.

The owner of the food stall, La Crepes, said: “So far it’s been quite successful. We’re expecting Saturday night especially to be very busy.

“We’ve got the live music playing so at night the atmosphere should really build.”

The annual ‘Oktoberfest’ is a German celebration held in Autumn, and typically involves the drinking of beer.

Lincoln will include its own German food and beer stalls, as well as selling a variety of other local and national specialties.

You can also expect to see waiters and waitresses dressed up in traditional German outfits.

The event is expected to attract food and music lovers from all over the country.