After this year, the Spider-Verse provides us with some heartwarming comedy that any Marvel fan can appreciate.

After a year of Marvel stealing the show with huge projects such as Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther, I think many of us had been distracted from this emergence into the wider Spider-Verse. As an on/off fan of Spiderman, I didn’t go into this film with too many expectations. Regardless, I came out of ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ with a new-found respect for the franchise. Right from the start, the film establishes visuals that are absolutely astounding, with a style that refers to its origin within comic books whilst still creating something entirely new.

Credit: Sony Pictures Animation (2018).

Its stunning cinematography and stylistic prowess give the movie a real sense of originality that brings a refreshing breath of life into a long running franchise that had previously been criticised for its constant adaptation. Its safe to say that this film really takes that in its stride, with a self-referential tone that brings a whole new perspective to our favourite wall crawler. Our main protagonist, Miles Morales, is a brand new take on the well loved hero. Miles is the perfect revival of Spiderman, possessing a relatability and charm that both mirrors his previous counterparts and allows for him to really come into his own as our new hero.

With a careful balance between comic relief and poignant development, each person (or pig) that is introduced allows for a truly well-rounded viewing experience. The story is brought to life by some voice actors that you may recognise such as Nicolas Cage, Hailee Steinfeld and Jake Johnson who bring their own lease of life to these characters. The same can be said of the man behind Miles, Shameik Moore, who was praised for his appearance in Netflix’s The Get Down. Moore demonstrates an authenticity with Miles that I hadn’t really come across in an animated film before that really lends to his reputation as an emerging talent in the film industry.

I honestly could not find anything to criticise with this film, despite not wanting to come across as a typical student reviewer who does nothing but praise. The film was an absolute joy to watch, as one that doesn’t take itself too seriously yet still presents one of the most engaging plots I’ve seen this year. After Stan Lee’s passing, it seemed only right that Marvel’s next release would feature one of his greatest characters. We knew that Lee still had more of his cameos in store for fans despite his death, though this one really hit home, with not a dry eye in the room. This film will delight both new and old fans alike with its homage to all that is loved in the Spider-Verse and everything it has for us to look forward to in the future.