A new bistro has opened in the New Theatre Royal in Lincoln, with the prosecco bar officially opening on Friday. 

The Stage Door bistro and bar is located next door to the box-office on Clasketgate, and has a theme of theatre memorabilia, as well as a gallery of stars that have previously performed at the venue.  

The bar features festive cocktails and drinks, just in time for the Christmas celebrations. Some cocktails on offer include: The Theatre Royale, Lucky be a Lady and Time Warp. Prices start from £18.95 for bottles and £5.95 for a flute.  

The theatre is located on Lincoln’s high street. Photo Credit: Bethany Lee

The theatre unveiled the bar on Friday night to coincide with the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, starring TV stars Barney Harwood and Amelia Lily. The cast were joined at the grand opening by invited guests and the Mayoral party.  

Marketing and sales manager of the theatre, Amelia Chambers said: ‘We have seen increased numbers of visitors in the last few years and this will attract even more, a lot of people like going to the bar in the interval as well as staying after it as it is a very social event.” 

“All of our drinks contain high-end prosecco with different types of spirits, and are theatre themed, so we have names such as Wicked and Lady and the Tramp.”  

The theatre opened in 1893 and was historically known for showing ice shows, circus performances and nude performers in the early-to-mid 20th century.  

The opening has created 5 new jobs and the Bistro is open from 10am until 2pm and for performance times. The bar will be open from 7pm.