Join The Linc at 6pm as we take you through the SU Elections question time event, taking place in the Tower Bar.

Candidates will answer questions from voters and will explain their manifestos for their paid position. These are for President, VP Education, VP Activities, VP Welfare and Community and VP International.

Voting will close next Wednesday, 27th February, at 2pm – before the results are announced that evening. So far, over 1000 voters have taken part and there has been a 8% turnout within 24 hours of the candidates being announced.

More information on how to vote can be found on the SU website.

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The start of our live blog:

6:06pm: The welfare and community candidates are introduced first. Each candidate is given 30 seconds to tell the audience why they should be elected.

The first question is – what do you think is the biggest welfare issue in Lincoln?

The general consensus among the answers seems to be relating to mental health issues and how they should be improved.

6:13pm – The next question is – how do you see mental health support on campus developing in the next year?

‘It is okay to not be okay’ – Amber Marshall.

The answers are aimed at increased pressure on mental health services and councilling.

6:17pm – The next question is a tough one! From the board of trustees, it reads: ‘The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 states that all student sabbatical officers are required to be trained in Prevent. What is your opinion on the Government’s PREVENT strategy?’

All candidates said that they agreed with the prevent strategy and that more awareness needs to raised around it.

6:25pm – SU president Kudzai asks how students can be engaged in this campaign.

One candidate says that publicity is the most important part. Another said that there needs to be more acknowledgement of the individual. One says that uni should be welcoming of students. Another said about visualizing impact by raising enough awareness as possible. However, one disagreed and said that social media isn’t as effective as it can be.

6:31pm – VP International candidates are next.

6:34pm – The first question is – how do you plan to support international students after Brexit’

Main points raised were support of visa processes, accommodation help and the impact of ERASMUS students.

Craig – ‘Brexit will negatively effect ERASMUS students, so we need to make accommodation more accessible’.

6:37pm – The next question is – how would you help to help integrate international students with native?’

Main points raised included more encouragement to integrate, more events allowing this to happen and dedicated trips.

6:44pm – Current VP International Sophia asks – what do you think is the biggest difficulty for international students to get involved?

One candidate suggested introducing more open days, another said that adding more events and reduced pressure to Chinese students especially.

Fernanda: I am very passionate at helping others integrate.

Mohit: I have helped a lot. Look at results, not at the manifesto.

Mikhail: I want to encourage everyone to integrate.

Craig: I want to improve the experience of people coming, and to encourage events such as Ramadan and religious holidays.

6:51pm – Now its time for VP Education! 5 candidates this time

6:54pm – The first question is – how would you increase visibility for course reps?

Alexandra says that there needs to be more training for course reps.

Nial says that reps need to be more known and more encouraged across the University.

Georgia says there needs to be more clarity of what is expected of their role as a course rep.

6:58pm – The next question is – what will you do to ensure postgraduate students feel included in the SU?

Nial said that postgraduates need to have more clarity is needed for their work after graduation.

Georgia says that one of her three main points is postgraduate representation and that there needs to be a bigger sense of community including them.

Alexandra say that a lot of postgraduate students want less of night out orientated focuses and more mature events related to postgraduate interests.

7:02pm – The board of trustees strike again! They ask: ‘Do you think that the students union effectively represents academic interests?’

Nial: In a lot of cases this depends on the reps and their effectiveness.

7:20pm – Ten minute break

7:36pm – The VP activities candidates take to the stage.

7:40pm – The first question is – how do you plan to support societies and help them further develop?

Luke says that there needs to be more support on putting a spotlight on academic societies and that they’re given more promotion.

Katie says that she will work with the VP of education to help the societies gain an identity and to help them as much as possible.

7:42pm – The next question is  – what can be done to encourage people to go into a social sport?

Connor says that he will look into the prices of the social sports.

Luke says that there should be a rewards system to encourage more participation.

Katie says that there should be more active campaigning to make light of social sport.

Abi says that she disagrees with the charges that the university has for social sports and that it needs to change.

8:01pm – And now it’s time for the big one! Students Union president

Cassie, Ryan and Roberta are your candidates.

8:05pm – The first question is – how will you make sure that students know what the SU are doing?

Roberta mentions ‘overheard at Lincoln’ and Linconfess

Jordan (dressed up as Father Christmas) talks about reindeers.

Cassie suggests a drop-in session for the president and more support from the leaders.

8:06pm – The next question is – how will you ensure that the VPs are supported and encouraged to make an impact?’

Cassie mentions more meetings and more participation in campaigns of the VPs.

Roberta says that she will ensure that they are more supported.

Jordan just simply says ‘I’ll buy more money’.

8:10pm – Current VP Education Tommy asks – the barge – discuss.

Roberta says that it is something that the SU decided to do and that we will make it work.

Cassie says that it is a great investment and that it will make Lincoln exciting.

Jordan – ‘I will personally hire an elf’

8:20pm – Current SU president Kudzai asks – what difficult decisions will you have to make?

Roberta says that she will make sure that decisions are approved by the appropriate boards and that they’re approved by students.

Cassie says that she would take into consideration the opinions and communication of the student community.

In their final say, Roberta says that she will be approachable and will support those who need their voices to be heard. Cassie says that she will make sure that everyone is different and that the career that they want.

8:25pm – This wraps up the question time and our live blog. Thank you for reading and following us!!