Hello and welcome to the SU Election results live blog. We will be updating the page throughout the night as the results are released.

Bethany Lee will be covering the Linc’s live blog for tonight with Suhara Jayasena covering the Twitter page!

The turnout was estimated to be 25% and the second highest turnout in history.

9:20pm: Thank you for joining us on thof Live blog. Have a good night everybody.

So your new student leaders are Lucy Krogdahl, Georgia Petts, Amina Akugri, Bailey Marchant And Abi Brown. An all female team!

9:15pm: Now time to finally announce VP Activities!

Your new VP president with a total of 1642 votes is Abi Brown!

9:15pm: Next is VP president Education! The threshold is 1560 votes and the nominees are James Morrison and Georgia Petts.

Your new VP president Education, with a vote count of 1996 is Georgia Petts! For a second year running.

9:07pm: Next up is another huge role! VP president Campaigns and Environment.

The threshold is 1310 and the winner by a huge majority is Bailey Marchant!. Bailey is teary on stage.

9:05pm: Now time for the third round of VP Wellbeing and Community.

Lucy Krogdahl is your first ever VP Wellbeing and Community!

9:03pm: The new college of Arts officer is the only candidate with 451 votes: Katie Smith.

8:49pm: Another break! A lot of these tonight.

8:41pm: Now its time for the results of the VP president Activities. The winner for round 1 is current VP Abi Brown but the threshold isn’t met. But she is winning by a landslide!

8:39pm: Up next is Disabilities Officer, with a threshold of 1056. And over 2000 votes, Zoe Pheobe Hoy wins.

8:36pm: For the school of English and Journalism, the only candidate Paige Rymer is the new rep!

8:34pm: School of Psychology rep is Rhiannon James.

8:22pm: The new women’s officer is the only candidate, Millicent Horne.

8:19pm: Next up is VP president  International! The threshold is 1213 and the new VP International is Amima Akugri.

8:17pm: VP Wellbeing and Community round 2 is on. The winner turns out to still be Lucy Elaine Krogdahl again but still no winner!! Lucy is against Sophie Yeaman for the title.

8:13pm: Now its time for VP President Wellbeing and Community. A big one!

And the winner is Lucy Krogdahl, but the threshold isn’t met.

8:10pm: Sophie Nicole Legott is the new School of Geography Rep and Talia Rose Adams is the new Social Sciences Officer

7:55pm: Up next is the Environmental officer, a big one! The winner is Jacob Ford with 900 votes, but again under the threshold. With the new threshold 1089 votes, this is still won by Jacob by 4 votes.

7:51pm: Up next is social and political sciences rep, this is won by Islay Walker with 110 votes. This is only 2 votes from the next competitor, and is under the threshold, this will now depend on the second preference. This now goes to Angela Harwood.

7:49pm: The College of Science officer is the only nominee: Jack Eames.

7:47pm: Up next is Sports officer, and the winner is Katrina Dawn Watson with over 1000 votes.

7:46pm: For the Performing arts rep, Charlotte Blackman wins.

7:43pm: After some technical difficulties, Cassie is back to announce the results, and up next is LGBT+ officer.

With 1177 votes Natasha Kirchin wins!

There is a break after a technical hitch at Tower Bar

7:20pm: Rebecca Sharp is elected as Societies officer

7:15pm: To start off, Jacob Grigg is elected as Rag officer.