Karen Lee, who was formerly Lincoln’s MP, won a seat today on Lincolnshire County Council by a margin of just two votes.

Photo: Chris McAndrew, licensed under CC BY 3.0

Ms Lee, running for the Labour Party in the Ermine and Cathedral division, received 1,291 votes, placing her two votes ahead of her incumbent Conservative Party rival, Christopher Reid, who received 1,289.

Speaking after her victory, Ms Lee said: “I hope to represent the people that I live amongst in my community. […] I’m in the division, I wander around there, I go for a walk, I go to the shops, and I think that my finger will be on the pulse more.”

Ms Lee has previously served in the City of Lincoln Council, but said the county council represents new challenges.

“I toyed with the idea of going back, but actually I wanted to try something new,” she said. “Different budgets, bigger budgets, different things going on.”

She added: “It’s about being an effective opposition and heightening when things are wrong.”

By Matt Shaw

News Editor at The Linc.