A state-of-the-art 3G pitch at the LNER stadium has now officially opened up to the public and is set to have a major impact on the surrounding community.

Danny Carter, Head of Sport & Physical Activity at the Lincoln City Foundation was eager to talk about how the project was funded; how it was heavily affected by Covid-19 and how it will inspire a younger generation of footballers and sports stars for the future.

“When the 3G was initially built and completed we still had lockdowns in place, we still had all the rules around Covid in place. There was certainly less usage of the 3G in those first months which was frustrating given that we had this lovely, new facility but we couldn’t really maximize it.”

Despite this struggle during the height of the pandemic, the Foundation, and the pitch itself pushed through thanks to perseverance and major funding.

“The Football Foundation gave us a grant and plan on also building some changing rooms for the 3G use. They are also a part of the development of the Stacey West stand to increase its capacity as well as some classroom and toilet facilities as well. They have been absolutely essential in the whole project, in renovating this AstroTurf and turning it into the fantastic pitch you see today.”

As well as the Football Foundation, the Premier League have also played a huge part in the investment of the project thanks to a grant of almost £1 million. Lincoln City themselves also made a capital investment which is a part of the wider £2 million project to provide vital green space and community facilities.

“On the 23rd of November we had the official opening where we invited those from the FA, the Lincolnshire County Council, two delegates from the Football Foundation and Lincoln City Captain Liam Bridcutt who came down to officially open up the 3G, which was amazing”

Photo Credit – https://www.weareimps.com/news/2021/november/new-3g-pitch-opens-at-lner-stadium/

Carter was delighted with the unveiling of the facilities and is also certain that the pitch and renovations around the club will have a major impact on the community.

“We want it to benefit everyone in Lincolnshire but certainly this local community here. We have programmes like Premier League Kicks which is all about using the branding of the Premier League to inspire young people to try and achieve their dreams.”

“Three sessions run here for the local community because it is a local community that so sorely needs those opportunities as those opportunities are so lacking. Premier League Kicks is one of those initiatives that runs on this 3G. It is integral to improving and increasing the amount of physical activity and raising their aspirations, especially the younger generation.”

Now restrictions from Covid-19 have eased this development can thrive, benefiting Lincoln and its sporting residents for years to come. The pitch will serve as a sporting hub for the young and the old, inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams and impact the community in an overwhelmingly positive way.