Finley Cannon is a third-year Sports Journalism student at the University of Lincoln running for Vice President Activities (VPA).

His first-time participation in hocky exceeded over his three years of study, gaining him the position as the President of the Hockey Society.

“I’m running for VPA because I’ve loved my student experience at the University of Lincoln.

“Being part of the hockey society has been a huge part of that, it’s contributed so much. And the friends I’ve met through the society will be my friends for life.”

From his own positive experience, Finley wishes to contribute to all student levels, including the incoming prospective students who, he learnt through his Student Ambassador role, are keen to be involved in everything there is to offer.

Being involved with The Linc Sport, now editor, has opened up contacts with experts within Lincoln City, Lincoln United and a range of other sports across Lincoln for Finley.

“I want to bring in experts to speak to sports societies and academic societies to help inspire them to really work on what they’re looking into. Giving them more experience and a deeper understanding, and feeling, for what they’re doing.”

Finley aims to work closely with the university, the Student’s Union and the wider community to gain access to facilities that are currently unavailable.

“There is a limited availability on campus, it’s a small but growing university so working with the wider community will not only benefit the students, but also improve the relationship we have with the residents of Lincoln.

“I want all societies to grow at the rate the university is growing, and increase their membership as the university increases.

“I want people to be able to try new things, things they’ve never done before, or take part in things they’ve been doing all their lives.

“No matter what level they are I want them to have that opportunity to do so.”

Finley recognises the impact COVID-19 has had on university experience, particularly the lack of time spent between former students and those who helped current students integrate into their activities.

“I want to arrange Alumni events for the current students to spend time with those students that integrated them into the society, and inspire them to get involved.

“I think it would be great to reconnect with them and carry on a legacy that we had originally.”

Finley aims to inspire all students to get involved in opportunities within sports and societies, with the hopes in benefiting them with expert involvement and an increase in locations.

“You should vote for me if you want access to expert input and wider opportunities for the university. There’s every reason to vote in these elections. It’s your voice that matters and the SU has a massive impact on each individual student.”