Pelumi Shonde is currently a master’s student studying Engineering Management. He also participates in the Music and Jamming Society.

While continuing his studies at the University of Lincoln as a postgrad, Pelumi has decided to run for Vice President Education (VPE) as he hopes to make the academic process less stressful for the student body as a whole.

“I believe I can effect positive changes in the education and academic systems for the students and the university as a whole. I want to help with academic excellence in general.

“I understand how the system works,” he told The Linc, going on to say that he had spoken to students who struggled with stress. “It’s not easy going into academics and having issues that take time to get sorted out.”

In his Manifesto, Pelumi hopes to “be the bridge between students and the university,” creating stronger collaboration between student reps from across the university so that the general student academic experience, through the course of their program, is met with “minimum stress which could hopefully reflect academic success.”

While minimising stress in the student experience was highlighted as his main focus for election, Pelumi hopes to evolve the position of VPE by organising more forums and conferences.

This is aimed to help students better understand different academic structures and academic activities set in place by the university.

This will include interactive seminars for students to collaborate and discuss areas of confusion to better guide both freshers, and returning students through life while in Lincoln,  and how to best navigate the many avenues available to students who are wanting to seek help where needed.

“I think a lot of people coming into the system, at the moment, don’t know how it works and are trying to find their way around. I think if I’m elected I can help out in so many ways.”