Lincoln City have produced a limited-edition shirt celebrating the history and diversity of the city and the fanbase.

The shirt was created as part of the Football Supporter Association’s #MyCityMyShirt campaign, which celebrates fans and their clubs.

Maria Ryder, founding member of the Lady Imps Supporters Association approached the club about getting involved and oversaw the project with the club’s backing.

“I approached a few Lincoln City fans who know a lot about football shirts, are passionate about football shirts and got their input in terms of the design to make it a really authentic shirt that fans would like and buy into.”

The design incorporates the roundel motif as a nod to links with the RAF, with the Bishop’s Eye window of the cathedral an inspiration behind the pattern on the shirt.

The shirt was photographed outside some of the city’s landmarks.
Maria Ryder back of image.

Only 100 of the shirt were produced and Imp’s supporters had the opportunity to see and buy the finished product at the Waterside club store, where Lincoln City first team players; Joe Walsh, Ben House and Jordan Wright were also present to meet fans.

Liam Bates and Alana Deacon were two of the first to get the jersey. When asked about his reason for purchasing, Liam said, “Just supporting the local city really.

“I’m in the military myself and seeing that it had the RAF stuff on it. It’s nice for me to support that as well.”

Liam Bates and Alana Deacon with their new shirts

Fans had the opportunity to get photos and signatures from the Imps’ players who were also seeing the top for the first time.

Lincoln forward, Ben House said, “Yeah, I think it’s been brilliant today. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the fans coming down to see us boys who appreciate it.

“Also buying the shirt, which is really nice. There’s only a hundred of them. So that’s quite limited. So, it’s quite a special occasion.”

Jordan Wright (left) and Ben House (right) at the club’s Waterside store

With only limited numbers of the shirt remaining, fans and collectors will have to be quick to get their hands on them.