Sugar Theatre will bring their original one-woman show ‘Scruffy’ to Lincoln’s The Drill next month.

The play, written and performed entirely by University of Lincoln drama graduate Rosie Hollingworth, is told through the eyes of nine-year-old, wannabe-rockstar Maisie who suffers from the eating disorder, ARFID.

ARFID is an eating disorder commonly found in children, which involves the person avoiding certain foods, or having restricted intake.

Rosie hopes her character of 9-year-old, rock-obsessed Maisie will raise awareness of ARFID, an eating condition Rosie herself suffered from as a child

Rosie, 25, based it on her own childhood experiences with the condition.

‘’I had ARFID when I was eight. It’s not something I struggle with anymore, but I thought it was important to explore because it’s quite common and nobody really knows about it.’’

Sugar Theatre is run by Rosie, her sister Meg, and Holly Cowley, who started the company after developing Scruffy from a 15-minute university project into the full one-woman show it is today.

For Rosie, performing at The Drill is like coming home, as her father was the venue’s former creative director.

Tegan Rowe, digital marketing assistant at The Drill, said: ‘’It’s a full-circle, theatre-throughout-the-generations moment, and we’re so happy to be hosting the show.’’

‘Scruffy’ is one of many plays The Drill hopes will diversify their audience and programme

Although the show discusses heavy topics, Rosie stresses it is a comedy, and an interactive partnership with the audience.

She said: ‘’The show’s main message is for adults to take a leaf out of a kid’s book. I think it’s easy to get wrapped up in everything and we could all do with looking at how kids deal with it, almost like a blissful ignorance.’’

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