Princess Anne visited Washingborough Academy in Lincolnshire this Monday to kick off the 11th annual “Healthy Eating Week”.

She was given a tour of the school where the Princess Royal saw how the students were learning about foods using all 5 senses in their lessons.

Teacher Mr Woolley said meeting the Princess Royal was a “real honour and a real privilege”

The assistant headteacher of Washingborough Academy, Cody Jenkinson said: “It’s been a super exciting morning, and a great opportunity to showcase everything we are about as a school, and to launch the British Nutrition Foundation’s (BNF) Healthy Eating Week.”

The Washingborough Academy students also had a “farmer-time”.

“Each class has a farmer that’s on Facetime”, Miss Jenkinson said, “they learn about what life’s like on a farm from various farmers across the country.”

“Some of the children were invited up to present her (Princess Anne) with a gift we have produced as a school, which included some of the produce we’ve grown.”

The BNF said this year’s theme is “healthy eating for everyone”. Their chairman, Professor John Mathers, said: “The BNF is very keen to ensure everyone has access to healthy, sustainable food and one of the things we’d like to do is help with the ability to select and choose healthier foods without having to spend a fortune.”

The Princess Royal joined children at Washingborough Academy for Healthy Eating Week, which this year is focused on affordable and sustainable healthy food

Claire Theobald has been the BNF’s head of Healthy Eating Week since it began, and she said it’s been “fantastic” having The Princess Royal visit the school.

“The Princess Royal is our patron at the BNF and she’s very supportive,” she said. “It’s wonderful to have that support.”

Just as healthy eating week began, a recent YouGov survey found that 32% of Brits say that they are worried they are NOT getting enough nutrients, with the cost of living being a factor.

“We’ve been trying to look at foods that are more affordable to help people get healthier diets, for example with our “get at least 5 a day” challenge, about getting fruit and vegetables, the strapline message is that canned and frozen counts too. Canned and frozen varieties can be a little bit cheaper and last a little bit longer.”

The event is also being supported by industry leaders like Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola GB, and Waitrose.

The BNF is launching the event with the hashtag #HEW23 on social media.

By Ellis Asher

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