Lincoln City potential club badge

Lincoln City fans have reacted positively to a proposal from the club to change their iconic imp badge.

The Imps brought forward a campaign that would revert the club’s logo from it’s current design to the one used during the 1980s.

Gary Hutchinson, Stacey West Blog Founder, said: “I’m in favour, but mainly because it was the badge that we had when I first started supporting the club. So, the first shirt I ever had, had that kinda angular badge on it, in 1987.”

He thinks it’s got everybody talking adding that: “I think the club do whatever they can so that they don’t offend anybody. But, whatever the club does, some people are going to like it and some people are going to dislike it.” 

The Stacey West Blog was shortlisted in 2019 for the Football Supporters’ Association ‘Best Fan Media’ award.

Gary said: “There is some negativity because it’s associated with back-to-back relegations in 1986 and 1987, which I just missed.” – never going to please everyone.

He added: “I understand why the club want to do it, from a commercial point of view it’s probably easier. It’s cleaner and crisper.”

Lincoln City Club Badge
The Imps’ current club badge. Credit: Lincoln City FC

The badge has been slowly reintroduced over the recent year, with it featuring around the LNER Stadium and on Lincoln’s third kit this season.

Emily Rooke, from the Lady Imps Supporters Association (LISA), said: “We’ve slowly seen the branding appear in and around the club this season, which looks fantastic and LISA fully supports the clubs proposal to revert to this badge from the 2024/25 season.”

The badge has been used in the LNER Stadium tunnel, GMB Stand mural and Branston Legends Lounge

Emily added: “The proposed imp design is an iconic badge that resonates with so many of our members and brings back memories of seasons gone by. We are known for our imp, and this one is instantly recognisable as Lincoln City FC.”

City fans will be able to vote on the fan-endorsed proposal from noon on Friday, December 1 to noon on Friday, December 8.

Main Image Credit: Lincoln City FC