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UPDATE: Students voted against limiting the time the SU allows itself to spend dealing with The Linc each week. A large number of proxy votes supporting The Linc were also submitted prior to the meeting, on behalf of students who could not attend.

The Linc would like to thank to all the students and staff at the university who supported us at the ASM and helped to vote down the motion against us, maintaining independent Students’ Union scrutiny and accountability.

The posters campaigning against the AGM motion.
The posters campaigning against the AGM motion.

The University of Lincoln’s Students’ Union is trying to limit the extent to which they can be held to account. We at The Linc believe it is of the utmost importance that we ask tough questions of the SU, as they receive over £300,000 from the university and claim to act on behalf of all of the students.

At the SU’s All Student Meeting on Tuesday, November 17th, a motion will be put forward that proposes to severely restrict the amount of time the Union’s officers spend explaining their actions to The Linc. This will allow them to cherry-pick the questions they respond to, and will therefore be able to avoid giving answers on important issues to the students.

Below is our coverage of the motion and intentions of the SU:

The Students’ Union: Scrutiny when it suits them
What do you do when you can’t control the press? Give yourself a mandate to stop talking to them. Lincoln’s SU are trying just that. If you believe in true accountability, read on.

The SU’s “Agenda”, or real accountability?
The Students’ Union claims that their officers are “pushing to make themselves more accountable than ever before”, this is exposed as a blatant lie as they attempt to stifle outside questioning.

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