Gillian Merron facing a rocky road to re-election

Gillian Merron is far from the bookies’ favourite to retain the Lincoln seat on May 6th.

The Lincolnshire Echo recently reported that Ladbrokes had her at 3/1 to win the seat, with her closest rival Karl McCartney, Tory PPC for Lincoln, at 1/5 on to win.

As her party Labour faces an uphill struggle in the national polls, trailing the Tories by around 10%, Merron will have to fight hard to defend her 12.5% majority.

The Linc has written about some of her dubious voting decisions during her time as Lincoln’s MP, which include voting to invade Iraq, for identity cards, and for tuition fees.

Merron has herself written in The Linc, to spell out to students why they should vote for her and justifying the recent slashes to the higher education budget. She wrote: “I know that some students are concerned at the savings announced at the end of 2009, but they must be seen in the context of a decade of record public investment.

“Universities will have to do their fair share of belt tightening, but no more.”

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