Review: Shlomo’s Human Geekbox.

Alice Rose contributed to this report.

Always be inspired by your childhood dreams. They may lead you to do something amazing. This is the view by Shlomo on his current tour, Human Geekbox, which he brought to Lincoln’s Engine Shed on Monday.

Photo: Gabrielle Motola

Photo: Gabrielle Motola

He opens the show by bursting onto stage in a space costume and first takes us into the imagination of 7 year old Simon Kahn. We carry on with him and go through his life, how his dreams evolved, and how he eventually became an award-winning beatboxer.

Human Geekbox is full of quirky anecdotes, and Shlomo fills any gaps along the way with his songs. He covers songs like Massive Attack and dances around the stage with excitement. As well as his covers, most songs are written to support the main theme of the show – space. Space was Kahn’s first love due to his granddad (Professor Kahn) being an astronomer. Professor Kahn plays a huge part in the Geekbox by inspiring Shlomo to use his imagination to the fullest.

As the show develops, we come to the 29 year old Simon Kahn and his focus on his young son George. He plays us an adorable sound clip of George “blasting off into space,” then follows it up with a song especially written for him.

Towards the end of the show, Shlomo breaks off from his own stories and announces his collaboration with local Lincoln band The Moth Lantern. He then goes on to explain that he met the band today and they co-wrote a song together. They play a bass-filled, calming song called “Light Years From The Sun” which combines jazzy lyrics with light beat boxing and singing from Shlomo. “Light Years From The Sun” gives off completely different atmosphere from his earlier songs but is still a stand out performance.

Human Geekbox comes to a close. Shlomo tells us that no matter what happens in his life, he will always be a geek and beatboxer. He exits the stage with a grin. We all burst into applause, amazed at how weird the show was; but we’re also amazed that we’ve been transported through the mind and imagination of Simon Shlomo Kahn.

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  1. DRB says:

    Just saw Shlomo’s show at the Eyre Studio in Antrim tonight. Mindblowingly good.
    Just wonderful.