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Just How Loveable are The Loveable Rogues?

They’d definitely give puppies a run for their money on the loveable scale.

Made up of Eddie Brett, Sonny Jay Muharrem and Té Qhairo Eugene, the band formed in 2010. They then shot to fame after entering ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. After initially declining the chance to enter it eight times, they eventually agreed to join the show and competed in its sixth series. They placed fourth, leading to a record deal with Simon Cowell’s label, Syco Music. Now, a debut album’s in the pipeline. The Linc caught up with the band before their gig at Lincoln’s Home Nightclub on Tuesday.


Photo: Elaine Brown.
The Loveable Rogues preparing for their gig…with chicken. Photo: Elaine Brown.

If you weren’t doing music right now, what would you be doing?

Eddie: We’d probably be at uni with you guys. We’d be partying right now. We’d be picking what we were wearing right now, putting on a bit of aftershave…

Sonny:  I love the whole freshers experience. I’m jealous because I’ve never been to university!

Have you been to Lincoln before?

Té: We’ve been here for a gig, but we also do this thing where we like to see the parts of the place we’re in. So we went to the castle and I’m not gonna lie, we found the tour a little bit boring. So we went on a detour and we literally just went everywhere. We got lost, we was in dungeons and places we probably weren’t meant to be in, but aah it was fun!

Before each gig, do you guys have any pre show warm ups?

Eddie: We like to eat a lot of chicken! That’s pretty much a Loveable Rogues pre gig ritual; just see how much chicken we can eat!

Who has the record for eating the most chicken?

Eddie and Sonny: Té! Definitely Té!

Té: Eddie, you can power through it! Eddie’s secretly quite good at eating the chicken as well, he’s sly. He pretends I am, because I just kind of munch through it! But Eddie will secretly have like 9 packs!

What’s your favourite audience to play for?

Sonny: Students! They’re very honest.

Té: Because we’re kind of the same age as students, you get a real reflection of who your music appeals to. And as he said, they’re honest. So it’s diverse and you can see who likes it and who doesn’t. It’s similar to busking because you get an honest opinion.

Eddie: We get quite nervous because obviously coming into a club environment you don’t know if anyone wants to hear guitars and stuff!

Té: People like to sing along to things as well, you know. People love a sing-along. They like to feel like they’re included and we like to provide that service.

Who is your biggest influence musically?

Eddie: Mine’s Iron Maiden!

Té: We take a lot of influences, we’re very varied!  So I come from a very soul, gospelly background. It’s like boys to men and Joseph Brown.

Sonny: And I just come from a listening to music on the way to school and stuff background. It’s always been pop and stuff like that.

What advice would you offer to people that were in your shoes before you made it?

Eddie: Probably wear something a bit fresher than my shoes, they’re a bit smelly!

Té: They’re new!

Eddie: Oh yeah, they’re new actually…

Té: Just know what you wanna do man. We were very aspirational; you’ve got to have high aspirations, you’ve got to know you can do it. You’ve got to know you can fit and just believe in it really.

Eddie: Social networking these days is amazing, so look at what your idols do online and just copy it!

The Loveable Rogues are currently preparing for the release of their debut album, which is out next year.

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