Manifesto: Gee Mattison (VP Academic Affairs)

Gee Mattison


I am Gee!

It’s time you got the representation you deserve! This is why I am running to be your Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

Where to begin? My name is Gee and I’m a second year International Business Management Student with both a passion for Academia and a love for my little dog Gucci. I started off university as a course representative in my first year, this sparked my passion for academia and how to improve the academic standards for everyone at university. From this passion I pushed myself to run as the Business School Representative and have been representing 4,500 students including managing 80 course reps by steering the business school towards better student and staff relations.

Through both positions I gained a stronger understanding of how the academic side of our university is run. This combined with my main role as a student gave me a first-hand insight into how difficult it can be to get the support you both want and need from your lecturers. I aim to give you the representation you deserve through three main aims: Make your voice heard, Improved Staff/Student relations and finally greater employability.

Make your voice heard

I want to give you the voice you deserve. How many times have you felt that you’re not being communicated with properly or fairly by your lecturers or the university? I want to be the one in your corner fighting to make sure your voice gets heard and that your problems are not just ignored but are recognised and resolved. Vote for me if you don’t want to be silenced, vote for Gee if you want your voice to be heard!

Improved Staff/Student relations

If elected, I aim to improve the relationships between both students and lecturers to make it easier for all students to understand both the subject they are studying and how to succeed within it. Through my role as School Representative I held Staff Student events which gave both groups the chance to understand university from each other’s perspectives. This will be the basis for my campaign to improve relations, I aim to hold numerous Staff Student events for all schools which will give both sides the chance to interact with one another in a way that was before impossible. Vote for Gee and I’ll bring more Staff Student events to you!

Better Employability

I also aim to improve both the student employability and awareness options available to students all across the university. This is important because many students, like myself, are thinking about the career options available both during and after our studies. I aim to bring more career opportunities to for you and more importantly career possibilities that broaden your career choices available not narrow them down to a restricted or almost impossible field to enter. Your future career should be the start of something great not something nerve-racking, so vote for Gee and I’ll make that happen!

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