Skydive for Gainsborough charity Journey with Love

Gainsborough resident, Andy Butler, is skydiving to raise money for local charity ‘Journey, With Love’.

Mr. Butler, 49, is set to skydive from 15,000 feet to help raise £1,500 for the domestic abuse charity based in North Lincolnshire town, Gainsborough.

Journey, With Love‘ provide children who has experienced domestic abuse with a bag of items such as teddy bears, books and colouring pencils.

Mr. Butler, who is a foster career, said: “We have had a few foster children who have been through quite a bit. I know how they’re feeling and what they are going through. If I can do anything to raise a few quid, that’s great.”

So far, he has raised more than £500 for the charity, just over a third of his target.

He said: “It’s local and a little, unknown charity, and it’s a cause that’s obviously going to touch a never for some people. [The charity] is so important. When you’re five, six, seven years old, it’s a traumatic thing to have to go through.”

Mr. Butler, who is a Gainsborough Trinity fan, has always wanted to do a skydive, and will realise that dream while also raising money for a non-profit charity.

He added: “It’s one of those bucket list things. You are freefalling for two or three minutes and then just admiring the scenery for five minutes. I want to do something for myself, but try to help others as well.”

Gainsborough domestic abuse charity 'Journey with Love'
Gainsborough-based ‘Journey, with Love’ provide homemade bags for the children who need them. Credit: Andy Butler

Siobhan O’Leary, who co-founded the charity with her mum Karen Broughton, said they were thrilled when Mr. Butler approached them with the fundraiser idea.

She said: “We are a small local charity who rely on donations to support children who have experienced domestic abuse. With the money Andy raises from the sky dive, we hope to fund another round of ‘With Love’ bag donations to local refuges. Our ‘With Love’ bags contain a Journey bear and other items which encourage healing and connection through play.”

Mr. Butler continues to raise money through a Just Giving page, available here.