Lincoln students create make-up range for cancer patients

A new make-up range designed for cancer patients has been created by two University of Lincoln students.

Amy Bland (left) and Sacha Burke.

‘Chemo Cosmetics’ is believed to be the first make-up range designed specifically for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.

Sacha Burke and Amy Bland, both 21 and in their final year of a creative advertising course at the university, started work on their brand just a month ago.

But now they’re hoping that their first products can start hitting the shelves by the end of the summer.

The products are designed specifically for chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients, who are often unable to use standard make-up products when undergoing the treatments due to how dry and sensitive their skin becomes.

When Amy’s Nan was diagnosed with cancer, she realised that there was a gap in the market.

Amy said: “I had a personal experience with my Nan a couple of years ago when she had to throw all of her make- up away.

“After that she just didn’t feel like herself and she lost quite a bit of her confidence because of it.”

The brand logo. Photo: Chemo Cosmetics.

After coming up with the idea as part of a university project last month, Sacha and Amy are now looking to continue the business after completing their studies.

Sacha said: “I think we’ll be mainly based online, because it’s all about the people who need these products being able to find them really easily and the best way to do that is through our own website.

“But we also want to get into some of the retailers and we’re currently talking to them and also trying to get our patent so it’s a busy time at the minute.”

Amy and Sacha were also keen on making their brand gender-neutral, also aiming the products at men who may, for instance, lose their eyebrows during chemotherapy.

The pair also say that their product could be expanded to people with alopecia.

Amy added: “At the end of the day this is not about making people feel fancy with make-up.

“This is about giving people that confidence back and making them feel like themselves again during a really difficult time.”

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  1. Kim Laing says:

    You must be really proud of yourselves. Well done I know a few people that would be interested in this. Congratulations to you both.

  2. Rachel Lightfoot says:

    Such a thoughtful act of kindness.
    Wishing you every success with Chemo Cosmetics!!

  3. Amy bland says:

    Hey ! Thank you for the kind words ! Feel free to drop us an email at , we would love to here any feedback or anyone who it could help.

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