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How to get silver hair

(Photo: Mary-Jane Philip)

It seems weird to think that for so long people have been eagerly trying to dye the grey out of their hair, and now 2016 has come along and brought with it the trend of silver hair.

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It’s national Love Your Red Hair Day!

November 5 is National Love Your Red Hair Day, but every day should be Love Your Red Hair Day, Natasha Bailey writes.

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Hair tutorial: three steps to volume

Written by Lauren Farmer. Flat hair that just sits on your head can be a frustrating problem. Finding the right balance between using enough product to make a difference, whilst not overloading it can be infuriating.

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Take Three: hair styling products

Written by Jess Watt. Each of us has a specific hair type, whether it’s fine, frizzy, afro, straight or  dry… Our hair is a huge part of our appearance so it’s important to use the right products to get the results you want.

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Take Three: matte finish hair products

Written by Jonathon Carlan From high street to salon quality, a hair product with a matte finish is the perfect tool to create the standout looks of today. Matte products have become increasingly popular in previous years, ranging through clays, putties, pastes, muds and fibres.

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Step back in time: vintage hair and make up

Photo: (Sarah Wu / Neon Tommy) Written by Emily Rebecca. “All that Swinging Sixties nonsense, we all thought it was passé at the time.” – David Bailey Looking for something different or dramatic this party season? Retro hair and make-up is the way to go.

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Hair, hairspray, hair-pieces, and little turns

Lincoln’s Talking Heads salon celebrate their 25th anniversary, in style. Our Deputy Editor Harry Lincoln, was not only reporting, but also taking part in their glamourous photo shoot.

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