The only things you need! Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande

I have never been particularly skilled when it comes to styling my hair, but there is one hairdo that I have gotten a lot of compliments on over the years. It is a hair bun with a braid tucked around it, and it is super easy to do!

All you need is: a bun donut, two hair bands and some bobby pins.

Step 1. Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande

Step 1:
Start out with making a high ponytail (make sure that the hair-band is tight and that there’s no lumps or hair sticking out). You then place the bun donut over.





Step 2. Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande

Step 2:
Lean forward and place all of your hair over the bun donut. You then arrange it so that it covers the whole donut. When you’re happy with how it’s arranged, you place a hair band over. There will be a ‘donut shape’ on your head, and lots of hair hanging loose. Braid this loose hair into a plait.



Step 3. Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande

Step 3:
When you have got a nice braid, twirl it around the donut shape and use bobby pins to fasten the end of the braid.




And that is it! An easy, chic hairstyle to spruce up your look. If you follow these steps, you will hopefully be left with a bun that you are happy with, and if it does not look right after the first try, just remember that practise makes perfect!