When students at the University of Lincoln found out that the popular student bar The Shed was being put out for sale, they initiated a Facebook group in an attempt to stop the business being transformed if bought by the the University.

The group that has now over 1,400 members claims that it is “not against it being bought by the University, but if they turn it into offices then the best student friendly bar in this city will be no more.”

Rebecca Linney, Manager of The Shed, slashed the group’s worries, as she confirmed that the student bar is “currently on sale but has no offers yet” and meanwhile it will be “business as usual”. The University says that their policy is “not to comment on commercial transactions” so it is uncertain if plans to buy The Shed are under way.

The group also accuses The Engine Shed of “stupidly high prices”. In response, Victoria Simpson, Events and Marketing Manager at The Engine Shed, said that a “simple comparison will illustrate that the group is incorrect when it insinuates the prices are higher than the Shed or that our prices are too high. They are in fact inline with all commercial trade across the city and in some case cheaper. However, people generally associated one offer of £1 a pint or 10 shots of vodka in a jug for £5 as representing the prices of all the drinks at that establishment which is rarely true.”

Meanwhile, students return to their favorite student bar as the new academic year begins.

One thought on “Slashed fears over the future of The Shed”
  1. It’s a fair counter-argument that the Tower Bar prices aren’t “stupidly high” in relation to other places, but considering that it’s a terrible bar and everything in there tastes like the pipes haven’t been cleaned since the place opened (as well as the fact that it’s near-impossible to get a drink at times), then they hardly offer value for money.

    Closing down the Shed would be a very good way to annoy a lot of people and lose the trust of much of the student body. I would seriously hope that someone at the Uni has a bit more common sense than that.

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