Deputy Editor Harry Lincoln caught up with this year’s candidates for the University of Lincoln Students’ Union Education and Academic Affairs Officer position.

Ben Lincoln has not been available for an interview with The Linc.

Kayleigh Turner

Age: 22
Hometown: Leeds/London
Course: Criminology
Year: Graduated in September

Q: Presuming that you are elected for the position you are running for, what is the first change you would like to make? And more importantly, how do you plan to implement it?

A: As I am already doing the role and have been for the last year, there wouldn’t particularly be a first thing I’d change. Everything I’d like to do is already being implemented ready for next year. For example, the book stall is starting in the atrium 12-2 on Fridays from next week, the review of the student rep system is already in progress and there are changes happening already; the campaign on stopping tuition fees rising to £7000 is already hugely underway.

Q: How is your past experience/university course going to help you implement changes if you get elected?

A: Past experience is hugely important as I’ve already had a year in the role and have got a fantastic relationship with the university and the senior management team. I have worked really hard this year on strengthening our reputation within the university, so that when students do need something it is taken very seriously and acted upon.

Q: What made you apply for this position?

A: I was already really involved with the Union through various societies and events throughout my three years at university, and I wanted the chance to actually be able to make a difference for other students the way the Union made a difference for me, every day of the week.

Q: What do you think University of Lincoln students want and need most now?

A: I know from speaking to students that they now want a more visible supportive Union. This year the Union has done a lot of behind the scenes lobbying working towards changing things in the background, but now we need to be shouting about these wins for students and be a lot more visible and in the public eye.

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