Girls Aloud have entered the lucrative market of false eyelashes and designed five pairs for Eylure. Each member has designed their own pair, and they are now available at a number of high street stores, as well as online.

The introduction of the products is hardly surprising, considering their status as queens of British beauty. Everyone wants to look like a member of Girls Aloud, but whose eyelashes are you going to buy?

Arguably the most famous member, Cheryl’s eyelashes are quite understated. The lashes are quite thick, but create a mysterious alluring look. Cheryl’s status as a style icon mean these in particular will be snapped up fast.

For those who crave to look like Nadine, she’s created some long, wide, flirty eyelashes. They create a natural, sexy look and would be perfect for girlie get-togethers with their natural glamour.

Sarah is the wild one of the group and her lashes reflect that with their rock’n’roll feel. They are edgy and dangerous, and even the most shy girls could gain some confidence with these. These would be perfect for gigs and wild nights out.

To enhance your natural look, I recommend Kimberly’s eyelashes. They are a great way of getting everyday glamour into your life without looking to obviously done up.

Nicola already has her own make up range, so she knows what she’s doing when it comes to beauty. These are my favourite of the five because they get the perfect mix between natural and glamorous. They will make you an instant beauty queen.

Whatever pair you choose, or if you choose to collect them all, Girls Aloud certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to glamour and beauty. Each has created a natural-looking pair of eyelashes that will enhance the look of your eyes and create a fun and flirty look. If you haven’t tried fake eyelashes before, there’s no better excuse to start.