J. B. Priestley’s classic play, An Inspector Calls, marks the return of the Common Ground Theatre Company to Lincoln’s amateur dramatics stage.

Showing at The Bishop Greaves Theatre, the company have opted for a venue change as they usually play at The Drill Hall: “We’re using a larger venue, but limiting the space to half a stage in order to keep the tension alive,” explained assistant director Su Toogood on Siren FM’s Graham King show.

The play was first performed in 1945 in Russia, is set in 1912 in Brumley, a north-midlands industrial town, within the prosperous Birling household. Their pleasant evening is interrupted as they learn their connection to Miss Eva Smith’s suicide, confronted by Inspector Goole.

“Priestly leaves it up to you to play inspector and decide the meaning,” said Su, when asked about the ever-ambiguous ending. The play focuses on the responsibility and prejudice of a person due to their class, sex, and age, “themes which are very much still relevant to today’s society.”

The play’s cast looks to ensure a quality performance: Maurice Raphael as Arthur Birling, and Mary Scott as Sybil Birling, “who is a great match in height and build for our inspector, played by Christopher Adams,” a pair sure to set sparks flying!

Priestley’s emphasis on showing how everyone in society are linked, naturally sets the platform for the theatre company to stick by their aim of producing “thought-provoking, high quality, and challenging drama.”

The event will be shown from October 29th–31st, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are £7.50 (£6 concessions), and it is advised not to bring children who are younger than 12 years old.