For over four decades, Michael Jackson was within the realm of music greatness, and this is what made him an icon to thousands of people worldwide. His tragic and unexpected death was mourned by millions, though there could not be a better way to celebrate his life and pay the “King of Pop” tribute, than the documentary film This Is It.

It focuses on the star’s months of rehearsing for his UK sell-out tour. Featuring behind-the-scenes footage of preparation for the show, and interviews with the cast and crew behind the production, it seems that Michael Jackson was still in his prime. The best dancers and musicians in the world gathered to work alongside the legend, and all were greatly honoured their chance to do so.

Jackson also starred in short films which comprise part of the show, and light up the stage, with what would have been one of the most spectacular shows to have staged in many years.

The idea sparked from the fans that had tickets to see the concert, so soon after the producers decided to give them the lasting tribute they wanted, and allowed the footage to be distributed for the whole world to see. The sell out concert that Jackson was preparing for was to be staged in summer 2009, at London’s O2 Arena. However, thousands of fans fortunate enough to get tickets settled for seeing it on the big screen, as well as those who would not have had the chance to see him live originally.

The film is a chance to see Michael Jackson as never before. Cinema-goers can see the way Jackson wanted utter perfection in his performance, to make the best possible show for his fans. This Is It is a great tribute to Michael Jackson’s life, as it enables people to see him, finally, doing what that he loved most.

His controversial past will hopefully be forgotten, and he can now be remembered as the performer and icon that first brought him his fame. The film has been a massive success so far, and is a great way for fans to remember the star as he would’ve wanted, as the “King of Pop”, and the ultimate entertainer.