Rising from the ashes of former Lincolnshire act This Day Remains is Kiss Corona, a band that have matched, if not surpassed, the achievements of their previous outing.

Keeping the core members of their last act has worked in their favour, as Phil (guitar/vocals), Steve (bass/vocals), and Luke (guitar), along with the addition of Sam (drums), have completed the finishing touches to their debut EP “Look To The Stars”.

“It’s due an absolute love of music,” says guitarist/vocalist Phil of the bands quick turn around. “A complete determination to get back into performing live and producing our own music. There’s a great thrill to performing live and when it all comes together with the audience it’s the best feeling in the world.”

That love of music can be seen on the band’s MySpace page, where video updates documenting their recent visit to the studio are available. No expense has been spared to create what is a fantastic-sounding EP, which combines a traditional pop/rock sound with elements of a British twist.

“A lot of bands in similar genres are American, or sing with American accents,” Phil says, “we wanted to buck the trend a bit and stay with our British roots.” It is refreshing to hear, and where acts so often stumble, Kiss Corona have the potential to succeed.

Building blocks to that success were set when the track “Underage Is All The Rage” received a respectable amount of play on local radio, where the track was described as “an anthem to a teenage movie”.

“If someone would like to make a movie for the music to be featured on then please do! How awesome would that be?“ Phil laughs, before going on to describe the song’s true inspiration: “the song was written about just how it is with some kids at the moment who are under the legal limit to drink. Bravado about drinking, regretting it, doing it again, and it does seem as if it is ‘All the Rage’. It’s in the news all the time.  We don’t actually condone underage drinking. It happens.”

Despite having the disadvantage of calling Grantham their hometown (from a music point of view at least), and according to Phil, it has “few places to play that are really good for bands”, Kiss Corona are making a name for themselves. With most of Lincolnshire conquered, the band have set their sights further afield, a factor that is often decisive in an act’s success, and often where bands struggle.

With gigs lined up at Nottingham’s Junction and Rock City venues, Kiss Corona are on course to achieve their long-term plan: “We are aiming to build a good fan base around the UK and start touring nationally. Short term is to concentrate on recording our songs and writing more material.”

Expect more from Kiss Corona in the coming months, after those pesky exams are behind them, of course. Check out material from their debut EP, as well as information on tour dates, on their MySpace page.