The third Student Council meeting of this academic year was held on Thursday, November 26th. The meeting had a moderate turnout of 24 people, however just half were student reps and only a further two were regular students.

Chris Charnley, the Students’ Union president, talked about the campaign to provide free gym access to students on sports courses. A petition has been created and has already received over 150 signatures.

He also said the All Student Meeting was attended by 86 students and there were 115 proxy votes. Charnley said: “It was a massive achievement.”

The Snowflake Ball was also discussed. Students will be able to vote for a King and Queen of the ball both online and at the ballot box in the SOAP Centre.

Plans for the SU to inspect and accredit student accommodation are also being made due to student concerns over unsatisfactory facilities.

The reorganisation of the SU was also brought up. Steven Greaves, vice-president for welfare, said: “We hope to make the SU more efficient and streamlined.”

Jonathan Holmes asked about the problem of cigarette butts littering the Courts, calling for cigarette bins to be placed outside the buildings. “People just throw their cigarette ends on the floor. It’s disgusting,” he said.

The lack of cigarette bins outside Sparkhouse was also mentioned. Both issues will apparently be looked into in time for the next meeting.