Popular Gibraltarian five-piece band Breed 77 released their politically-tinged LP “Insects” last year, and have recently finished a UK tour in support of it. We catch up with vocalist Paul Isola for a quick chat during his hectic schedule.

“Insects” is an album primarily about the current state of the UK and the world in general in terms of the economy, war and the government.

Isola explains: “I think the overall feeling is one of futility, we are governed by non-elected men in suits. I think everyone is aware that industry rules and that they are behind politics that seem to favour big business. Ignorance is no longer the problem, it’s apathy.”

When asked about his opinion of Gordon Brown, Isola said: “I intensely distrust him, he has not been elected and is just stretching his tenure as dictator of the UK for as long as he can. He is damaging the country. He hasn’t even got the support of his own party, let alone the support of the people as the leader of the nation.”

The final track on “Insects” is a cover version of The Cranberries’ infamous song anti-war song “Zombie”. Isola explains why he chose this particular song: “Originally we chose it for its simple structure and well crafted songmanship. As we continue to perform it, you realise that the lyrics still resonate when applied to current conflicts in the world today, it is a damning indictment of the human race that war songs are always topical!”

Breed 77 recently toured the UK with Our Malevolent Tyranny, Symphony Cult and Cars On Fire: “The shows are a blast, it’s a tough one as we are playing so much new material. The fans are warming to it nicely and the new songs are really rocking live!”

Isola finishes the interview with an insight into the year ahead: “We are gunning for every tour around, we have some stuff to do in Spain and South America at the turn of the year. Then we are looking at a European tour around spring time, and just try to keep us away from the summer festival circuit!”

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