A dangerous new legal high called mephedrone is sweeping its way around the UK club circuit, with thousands using the untested drug to reach new highs.

Mephedrone, otherwise known as Meow Meow or Bubbles, may have only been in the underground scene for six months, but it has just gone mainstream and is causing a stir in clubs all over the UK.

Mephedrone, not to be confused with Methadone, is a power that can be stirred into drinks or sniffed. It can sometimes, but very rarely, be found in pill form. Results of a survey recently carried out by magazine Mixmag suggest that Mephedrone is currently the 4th most popular substance on the club circuit. The drug is a stimulant, which sends the user into a euphoric state and raises alertness.

The drug carries serious health risks and has been linked to several deaths over the past six months. It can become compulsive to use and cause serious nosebleeds and headaches to first time users.

George, 19, a regular drug user, first took mephedrone last summer when the drug was virtually unheard of. He said: “I was first given the drug for free by a stranger on a night out. Obviously I was aware of the risks that came with taking it, but it was something new to try.

“I know its dangerous to those with heart conditions and those with a history of mental illness, but that’s the same with any stimulant.”

Mephedrone is a legal drug, which means that it can easily be found on the Internet, or available to buy in clubs. It’s often sold on the Internet under the name ‘plant food’. Legal highs are drugs which are legal because they have yet to be tested.

An advisor at the government-funded drug helpline “Talk to Frank” told The Linc: “You can’t ever know what you are taking when consuming a legal high, therefore the effects can be unpredictable. Some legal highs can have similar effects to stimulant or depressant drugs that are illegal and can cause a range of side effects such as paranoia, fits and even a risk of coma or death.”

George told The Linc: “I think the only way I would choose to take methadrone again would be if there was no quality MDMA available on the market”

Tara, aged 19, didn’t have the same high that George got from the drug: “It was trippy, I got claustrophobic, there were too many people around and I felt everything was caving in on me.

“I only tried it after I’d heard about it from friends, and when my dealer offered me some I thought I would try it. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.”

The government has said it is a “priority” to find out more about the dangers of using a stimulant drug. It’s reported that a team of government health experts and care teams are looking into the dangers and long-term effects of mephedrone.

4 thought on “Mephedrone: UK’s favorite new drug”
  1. I feel exactly the same, if i could get some good quality MDMA, i’d take that over mephedrone anyday. But mephedrone gives you a similar feeling and you don’t have to worry about it being cut with other awful crap. For me at least, it’s pretty intense, in a really good way. I hope it’s at least not banned for a while, for all the horror stories in the tabloids, there’re hundreds of other people who have used it without trouble.

  2. It is a drug like cocaine, it has same side effects such as cocaine.
    If you are addicted once your body and mind needs it daily, if you
    do not get is daily when u need it your nose is bleeding, water comes
    out from your nose, you feel pain in your body, you do not eat anything,
    your stomach could not accept something which you eat and u blow’s it
    out, you feel headache, your body temperature will fall down and feel
    too much cold, damages you mind, it kills you born marrow and make
    your blood thick and there are so many side effects.
    I Personally suggest do not use it. If you are addicted for GOD sake leave
    it. When an addicted person try to leave it first 3 to 4 days are hard for him, after that he is feeling better. When you try to left it use liquid as much as u can like Water, Fresh juices, Milk Shakes etc. After three months it’s effects will be totally clean from you body and you will be in your normal life once again and then you can enjoy your life as u enjoys before.
    Best Regards,
    Ali Malik.

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