A group of students who made a historical drama film will be premiering their finished result at the Odeon cinema in Lincoln.

The film “Northmen” is set in 1006 England, which is in the grip of a terrible famine. The country is also under invasion by the Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard. When winter sets in, the Danish head back to their ships, but five of their warriors are left behind.

The premier at the Odeon is on February 27th at 10.15am, though is reserved mainly for press and close friends only. For those wanting to see the film however, there will be a public showing in the Co-op Lecture Theatre on March 1st at 7pm. Entrance is free of charge.

With a budget of only £300, Northmen was created around the Lincoln area by writer, director of photography, camera and editor Stewart MacGregor, under the company name Urban Apache films. Visit their website here, or watch the trailer for Northmen below.

By Elizabeth Fish

Elizabeth Fish is based in Lincoln, UK and is the current Deputy Editor of The Linc Magazine, and Culture Editor. Also in her final year studying a degree in Journalism. Writing interests include entertainment (especially music) and tech. Follow her on Twitter .