Leg waxing is not something you expect to see as you walk through the main building of a university, but on Tuesday afternoon, March 23rd, several male students gave up their leg hair in the name of charity.

The event named “Wax On Wax Off”, arranged by the Raise And Give (RAG) committee, saw seven volunteers, including Phil Krstic, the newly elected RAG officer, take part to raise money for Haiti.

Krstic admitted that he had done this before: “This is the second time I’ve had my legs waxed. It was actually painful but not as painful as I remember.”

Since the earthquake, which measured 7.0 on the Richter scale, hit Haiti in January, many charities have been set up to help rebuild the country.

The quake killed at least 75,000 people, and caused severe amounts of damage. It’s expected that it will cost up to £7.6billion to get the country back up and running.

A public leg-waxing of a man provokes interest, Krstic says, so this is why it was chosen as the event.

“As people are walking past, noticing there’s a bit of hair missing on that guys leg, it’s doing something that people will see as a bit different and interesting, hopefully it will raise more money.”

He also pointed out that “girls especially like to see guys in pain.”

The university’s RAG team are involved in helping raise money for many charities, which are primarily local. Events like this are not just about raising money for charity, but also to raise awareness of RAG.

Krstic said: “It’s getting the name of RAG heard as well, so hopefully a few more people walking past will understand what RAG is and what we’re doing and what we stand for.”

The event raised over £120 which will all be donated to the Haiti fund.

By Sam Long

Staff Reporter

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  1. Out of curiosity which charity are the funds going to be sent to?

    After all, regarding US Aid: For every one dollar of U.S. aid to Haiti, 42 cents is for disaster assistance, 33 cents is for the U.S. military, 9 cents is for food, 9 cents is to transport the food, 5 cents to pay Haitians to help with recovery effort, 1 cent is for the Haitian government and ½ a cent is for the government of the Dominican Republic. Source: Associated Press


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