With a sound that is almost impossible to describe, Blank are a band that people need to listen to right now. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, but not as we know it.

Making up Blank is Mick Sanders, Dominic Mulder, Scott Turner and James Ashton, four far from mediocre musicians who are about as alternative as it gets. Off the back of one rough but well-crafted self-titled demo, the band has received rave reviews that haven’t been given without reason. That reason is their unique sound.

Describing a band’s sound can be difficult at the best of times, but in Blank’s case it’s almost impossible. Think Interpol crossed with the Dead Kennedys, with a hint of British eccentricity and you’re in the right area. However the band have tended to avoid comparisons with specific artists, because there is often a risk of being labelled under a certain genre, a trap that Blank have avoided.

“We look to anything for inspiration – toe tappers, knee slappers and anything with the right combination of energy and articulation”, says lead guitarist Dominic Mulder, “We just try to bring ourselves into the music.

“We scrape our diverse melodies fast and hard off our guitar strings and drum skins”, he says, “mixing rumbling bass, cutting guitars, pounding drums and tales of un-interest.”

In other words Blank rock, and they rock hard. In an industry that is extremely tough to stand out in, Blank have done themselves a favour by producing such a distinct sound.

Not content with riding on the back of one demo, the band have busied themselves in the studio recording the follow up and refining their sound. “The way we recorded was totally different than the first time,” says Mulder, “We felt more confident with our choice of songs and recorded each part individually to get a cleaner, tighter sound.” It can only work in the bands favour and if it’s anything like their first release it should be one to check out. Take a listen via Blank’s MySpace.

The Oxford English dictionary defines the word “blank” as, “lacking some usual or completing feature”. Blank are the opposite of that. With a distinct sound and what has the potential to be an excellent sophomore EP on the way, Blank are definitely ones to watch.