With more single women in the UK than those in a relationship, being single is becoming more of a lifestyle choice for women around the country. It’s more attractive to young women to worry about marriage and children later in life, so if your single and worrying, don’t!

You’re not alone.

Sophie was eighteen when her boyfriend of seven months broke her heart.

“We were both at university and there were two-hundred miles between us. As far as I was concerned we were dedicated to making our relationship work. Then two weeks before Christmas, Tom casually dropped a bombshell; his ‘feelings had changed’,” she says.

Just like hundreds of women around the country, Sophie discovered that this break-up was one which changed her whole outlook on relationships. Now twenty-five, Sophie hasn’t had a long-term relationship since that Christmas:

“I prefer it this way. No man telling me what I can and can’t do, what I can’t wear. I don’t have to worry about anyone else but myself”.

It’s assumed that after falling off the relationship radar you fall into casual sex, but that isn’t always true.

“For the first few months after that relationship, I did sleep around with a few guys, but I think that was more out of bitterness towards Tom than my craving for sexual satisfaction,” Sophie says.

“Since then I have only had three sexual relationships, and they were each no more than a month long.”

Like a lot of young women in the UK, Sophie genuinely likes to be on her own – single and happy.

Twenty-three-year-old Michelle has never had a long-term relationship, and it doesn’t make a difference to her at all.

“I love being single and I completely adore my lifestyle. I go out when I want, drink as much as I want, go home with who I want. But seriously, I pay my own bills and have a good career, with good money,” she says.

“If I wanted to have a relationship with a guy, I could have one. The only thing is, I don’t,” she adds.

For many young women being single is a sign of being independent and being an individual. You’re not known as anyone’s girlfriend and it offers you an opportunity to figure out who you want to be, allowing you to grow into that person in your own way.

This sort of attitude isn’t unusual. Emma is a student at the University of Lincoln and the twenty-year-old is known for having a thing for bad boys – a habit which she has yet to kick.

“Bad boys are much more exciting. I get bored if they don’t keep me guessing and I don’t like guys to be too predictable.”

Emma likes the idea that if someone better comes along, she can just go for it.

“People might think that it’s a harsh thing to say, but I like being single because it suits me, and if someone better does happen to come along then I don’t have to worry about breaking anyone’s heart.”

Emma’s thoughts echo what hundreds of young women up and down the country are thinking. But what is it that single women really want? Is it freedom? Is it sex? Or is it just the ultimate power to be completely 100% in control of your own life?

Your singlehood will eventually come to an end one day, but right now the key to being the ultimate single girl is to just enjoy it.

So, in the meantime, take pleasure in being single. Enjoy the freedom, embrace the lifestyle, and don’t forget that there isn’t anything sexier and more mysterious than a single girl who’s into being single.

5 reasons why it’s good to be single
• You can walk around your flat in your underwear without it being considered an invitation
• You don’t have to worry about shaving your legs
• You can enjoy sleeping in a double bed and have it all to yourself
• There are no toilet seat issues
• You never have to fake an orgasm

At The Linc we love hearing what you think, so why don’t you tell us why you love being single… or even why you don’t!

Stay tuned for The Single Life: Part 2, a man’s view, coming next week…

3 thought on “The Single Life: alone is better?”
  1. Being single is fine for a few years but it soon gets over-rated. Yes you can order a whole Dominos pizza to yourself and not have to share but I soon put on 2 stone after an important break up when I came to uni.

    5 years of single life later I met someone when I wasn’t looking – guess that always happens – I’m now getting married in July, plans change. Enjoy being single, it’s fun. But nothing compares to a committed relationship.

  2. I think being single is brilliant, you get a certain amount of freedom that you can’t in a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, if a guy came along I wouldn’t necessarily say no to them but I’m not really looking.

    Its true that there are certain things you get in a relationship that you might miss when you’re single, something as simple as someone to hold at night. However I’ve seen friends go crazy and look almost desperate trying to find someone. I think if you’re single, enjoy it, don’t spend all your time trying to find a man but don’t completely ignore them either.

  3. Being single for the whole of your life sounds so dreadful. You may live with it but during this course of loneliness, you would be setting up fake happiness goals. You’ll pursue for happiness which is intangible; Happiness and satisfaction which does not actually exist.

    Dont forget, struggle is glory. Opting to stay single just for the sake of retaining your freedom is the biggest deception to your ownself.

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