Lincoln’s eclectic six-piece Dancing Lotus launched their latest album “Colour and Light” at a packed Mezz Bar on Saturday, April 17th.

The night kicked off with Elliott Morris, whose complex rhythms immediately grabbed everyone’s attention and soon had the 270-strong crowd on his side. His forthcoming single “A Matter of Time” was incredibly well received and prompted many in the crowd to sing along.

Morris rounded off his excellent set with “Nothing In Particular” – a blues-rock influenced track that led the way into a medley of various songs, including Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name”, Gorillaz’ “Feel Good Inc”, and his now well-known cover of Basshunter’s “All I Ever Wanted”.

It set the bar high, but Dancing Lotus duly delivered.

After an impressive break-dancing performance by Dumi, Lotus took to the stage, and confidently launched into their new material. Opening with “The Turn”, it became apparent  that the new material would certainly not sound out of place on Radio 1.

“The Colour and Light” sound is a sharper one than that of their previous offering, “Last Line of a Sonnet”. Tracks such as the exotic “Sunset Café”, the ska-influenced “Outlaws”, and slower tracks “6am” and” Sparks” demonstrate Lotus’ musical nouse brilliantly, and illustrate just how disparate their influences are.

As a result, their music is hard to define, taking elements from blues, hip-hop, folk, and rock, but still sounding individual.  A potent combination indeed, and with a set entirely made up of original material, the crowd were left wanting more.

Speaking with The Linc after the performance, Joe MacAllister, Lotus’ lead guitarist, was delighted with the gig:  “I’m incredibly happy with how it went. I’m sure the band will all agree it was an excellent night and a chance gauge the reaction to the new stuff. We’ve been waiting so long to play the new material, and we loved it.”

One fan, Ian Boyle, agreed and described Dancing Lotus’ performance as “fantastic.”

“I loved it,” Boyle said, “I’ve only seen them once before, but they were great that time. I’ve bought their album tonight, and I’ll definitely be giving it a listen when I have the chance. Top stuff.”

4 thought on “Dancing Lotus launch new album”
  1. Are they still at it?

    Not to be insulting but, if after 4 years, still no one cares then give it up.

    Individually the guys are talented, but together they don’t mesh and they sound like a band of misfits that got sicked up by a record industry that didn’t want them.

  2. Who is this John West?

    Isn’t that a fish company?

    Not to be insulting BUT what would a fish company know about music?

    I happen to love Colour and Light and only having seen Dancing Lotus twice I am a big fan with all three albums now! The different mixes go together brilliantly and it wouldn’t be half as good if they conformed to every other music genre out there.


    More songs please!

  3. Have you got any older siblings, because someone should have said the same to parents about giving up!!

    How can new bands hope to get anywhere when they have anti-fun people like you commenting like this and putting their achievements down?! Have you made any albums mate?

    Have you had gigs all over the country?

    Uhm doubt it.

    Keep at it guys, love it!!

  4. 3rd and best album yet, I love this CD and listen to it all the time.

    Mr West, I have no idea what you’re going on about. The mix of different styles ‘mesh’s’ really well to make a great sound and develop some bangin tunes.

    Good shout Mr East, maybe he’s a lonely child because his parents decided to stop after having him – haha!!

    Keep crackin on and pleasing the ever growing fan base DL!!


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