Tearing up one venue at a time, drum and bass giants Chase & Status are spreading their sound whilst causing havoc on their current UK tour.

The duo, who have worked with the likes of Rihanna and Plan B, have dominated the drum and bass scene for the last few years, and look set to really breakthrough into the mainstream.


The Linc spoke to Will Kennard, (the Status half), ahead of their Engine Shed gig, about their live shows: “We’ve got an incredible lighting show, incredible visuals, [and] one of the best drummers on the planet – his drum kit actually looks like a spaceship. Each different city has been absolutely mental.”

After dropping out of the University of Manchester, the London duo took up the job of producers and DJ’s full time, whilst penning the tracks for their 2008 debut album “More Than Alot”.

Following the tour, Chase & Status will put the finishing touches to their highly anticipated second album: “We’ve nearly finished it, we’re just testing out a couple of tracks on this tour. They’ve all gone down incredibly well,” Kennard says.

Though the duo have broken into the mainstream music scene, Kennard assures that the album’s sound will be “the same in terms of pretty raw edgy music” and won’t see them selling out.

“I think a lot of people think because we’re signed to a big record label then we’re going to try and become pop artists, which isn’t the plan at all,” he says.

Though hesitant to give away too much, Kennard did reveal that the new album will include more big name collaborations including a track with White Lies, on top of their new track “Heavy” with Dizzee Rascal.

These collaborations may be on Chase & Status’ albums, but Kennard freely admits that when it comes to writing lyrics, they stay out of the way and stick to what they know.

“I remember trying to tell Kano about certain lines [on ‘Against All Odds’], maybe that he should change them, and he just looked at me, didn’t have to say anything, and I knew just to shut up.”

Last year Chase & Status were suprise choices to produce several tracks on Rihanna’s album “Rated R”: “That was a whirlwind. We just got a phone call from Rihanna direct.

“Saul [Milton, other half of the band] was in bed at five in the morning and got a phone call saying: ‘Hey this is Rihanna and I love your stuff, I want to work with you guys’. Two weeks later we’re in the studio with her and Jay Z.”

Before the release of their album though, the pair look set to tackle a hectic summer schedule, making appearances at the majority of the country’s big festivals.

“We’re really looking forward to Glastonbury – we’re headlining one of the dance tents there, and Lovebox will be great because it’s a London thing and it’s just around the corner.”

Chase & Status are on tour until the end of September, and more information can be found on their MySpace page.

By Sam Long

Staff Reporter